Service Introduction

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Symprotek is authorized to service all Neato robot models. Not sure if we support your model. Check out our list

Neato Models Supported:

Botvac Connected, Botvac D85, Botvac D80, Botvac D75, Botvac 85, Botvac 80, Botvac 75, Botvac 65, Botvac 70e

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Request Service(Payment) 

If a Neato Robt Vacuum which is out of warranty it can be applied the maintenance service through the website.

This service will be charged for the initial fee ($35) when applied. The initial fee is cover the Inspection, Diagnostic & Cleaning Service. When the application is completed, a service number will be sent via registered e-mail. Service status can be checked through the website. Please remember this number.


Customer must send the Neato divRobotic Vacuum to Symprotek, and the shipping cost will be paid by oneself. We do not take any responsibility for any damages incurred during shipment, and there is an additional cost for repairs. It is recommended that you pack it in its original packing box. If it does not exist, pack it securely with shock cushioning material to prevent damage to the product. Please be sure to check the packaging carefully. Please read and follow the shipping instructions before sending the product. We are not responsible for damage caused by non-compliance.


[Shipping guide]

Shipping Address: 950 Yosemite Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035 Neato-Symprotek

Diagnostic and confirm the service 

After receiving, we will thoroughly inspect the product for diagnosis. And send you a repair quote and an initial inspection report. The service fee depends on the repair and it can range from $50 to $120. More information can be checked in the inspection report. If you want to repair it, please confirm the service and pay the service cost. If you do not want to repair, we will return the product and you shall pay the shipping cost. The return process will be started after payment.

Repair work 

The repair will be completed within 10 days, and if the parts supply is delayed, the period may be extended. You can check status through the website. After the repair is completed, the product is inspected according to the criteria set by the Neato.

Shipping to customer 

The product will proceed with the shipping process once it is ready to ship. The tracking number & shipping notice will be sent via e-mail.


Products that have been repaired by the Symprotek is applied a 90-day warranty based on the date of shipment. Warranty repair is limited to the same symptom, failure of the same symptom in replacement and repair parts. In warranty, there is no payment.

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